What is it?

An occupational programme is a service aimed at a certain group with specific casuistry and difficulties. The type of activity is predetermined – even though at the end it is adjusted based on the generated dynamics. Tailored assistance is usually developed to the particular needs of the group and there are group work spaces that allow them to face the difficulties they encounter.

  • Users

    The programmes normally define a specific target group to whom they are aimed: Young people, ex-drug addicts, long-term unemployed, recipients of guaranteed citizenship income,etc.

  • The cycle and timing

    The cycle and timing of the assistance is drafted beforehand, although it allows adjustments based on each case.

  • Results

    The results aim to specifically address the difficulties of the group in relation to the labour market and not only in terms of labour insertion.

How does Insercoop contribute?

Insercoop has a wide experience in working with groups in difficulty: ex-drug addicts, long-term unemployed people, young people, people with mental illness, recipients of guaranteed citizenship income, ex-prisoners, people at risk and exclusion.

Programmes we manage

Aid for telematic procedures

Service to facilitate access to the aids that the various administrations have implemented, offering assistance and face-to-face advice in a personalized way.

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Programa d’orientació formativa i laboral dirigit a persones joves tutelades o extutelades o que hagin estat sota una mesura de protecció.

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Virtual Accompaniment Programme

Ofereix un suport específic a aquelles persones que necessiten un acompanyament a la inserció de manera virtual, però que no disposen ni de les competències digitals.

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MAIS Programme

Social and labour inclusion for people receiving the Citizenship Guarantee income (Renda Garantida de Ciutadania) to the localities of Barcelona and Mataró.

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Offers inmates the opportunity to build a different future and fully integrate into society through personalized itineraries.

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BEQUES programme

The objective of this programme is to offer scholarships to students at risk or in situation of social exclusion.

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