What is it?

The training is aimed at improving people’s skills. We distinguish the competences depending on whether they are technical or transversal. In the first case, knowledge enables the person to perform a certain professional task. Regarding transversal competences, these are certain abilities that are functional in different work environments, such as team working, communication skills or being proactive.


  • Groups to whom it is addressed:

    • people with insertion difficulties, young people, unemployed over 45;  single-parent mothers.
    • Dynamic and participatory, where the participant is the protagonist of the process itself.
  • Training we do:

    • Janitors and porters
    • Hospital cleaning  and building cleaning
    • Cleaning specialized in Covid-19
    • Access controller
    • Service assistant
    • Logistics

How does Insercoop contribute?

Insercoop develops different courses that it selects based on job opportunities in the market. It articulates the internships in companies that have a demand for these professionals, greatly improving the levels of insertion of the people who participate.


RECULL Programme

It is a resource that offers 96 activities, in workshop or session format, that local entities – members of the Local Employment Services Network (XALOC).

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