What is it?

Technical assistance is a specialized support that can be linked to any area, programme or service that requires an expert team in the field and is able to give a quick and professional response to specific or structural needs.


  • Due to the nature of the support, this assistance can be of many different types and magnitudes. Depending on each assignment, we carry out an analysis of the expected results and a proposal of the strategy and phases to be developed. A periodic monitoring is done, allowing the appropriate adjustments to be made.

How does Insercoop contribute?

Insercoop has a wide experience in providing specialized technical assistance in social, community and labour inclusion issues. Any demand is evaluated and a technical proposal is made that sets the coordinates to be able to give an effective response.

Technical assistance experience:

EIXAM programme

The Hive device, within the framework of the Project “Work in the 7 regions: Terra Alta Más”, is a comprehensive service that encourages socio-labour integration.

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