What is it?

An insertion device is an employment service with a completed assistance circuit. It begins with an appraisal of people, defines a plan to follow and has different support programs and workshops to respond to different needs. The devices are formed by different professionals who adjust their intervention based on the demand and the results they obtain.


  • Personal attention

    Usually, devices are designed with the ability to give personal attention to interested people. No appointment is needed and there is no need to assist derives from any specialised circuit.

  • Duration

    The duration and intensity of the support work is tailored according to each particular situation.

  • Results

    The results have different indicators to give account for the variety of your assistance. It is connected with other specialized or general services.

How does Insercoop contribute?

Insercoop has a lot of experience in defining, managing and coordinating devices. We have the technical structure, qualified professionals and the necessary resources to implement a device, renovate an existing one or complement it.

Devices we manage

ROL Service

The Local Job Search Service aims to promote job placement and professional improvement for the citizens of La Llagosta.