What is it?

Active job search space

The job search spaces are intended to promote organized and systematic job research to prepare the job seeker for their incorporation into the labor market, by putting the people participating in the space in contact with job offers allowing them to find a suitable job according to their professional objective.

Who is it for?

  • People who meet the following requirements:

    • Have a defined and viable professional project.
    • Be registered as an active job seeker in the Public Employment Service of Catalonia.
    • Be available and interested in participating.
    • Speak Catalan / Spanish.
    • IT and Internet knowledge.
    • Availability.


Job search spaces offer two services: active job search and IT tools.

  • Active job search service:

    • An active methodology is used to promote the autonomy of each person, encouraging and motivating them to present the maximum number of candidacies, according to their career objective and the adaptation of their profile to the demands of the companies.
    • It consists of a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 sessions.
  • IT Tools

    • Tailored support to complement and reinforce the use of necessary IT tools for an autonomous job search.
    • Sessions are held on Fridays and last 1.5 hours. Each person will attend the sessions that are necessary to access the active job search service.


  • Points of action in the territory

    Barcelona (Verneda)
    Casal de Barri La Verneda
    St. Santander, 6

The Job Search Space Programme is a Programme of the Public Employment Service of Catalonia.